Mother Tongue Coffee is a woman, latinx owned company roasting fresh & delicious coffee in Oakland, California.

Mother Tongue Coffee is a woman, latinx owned company roasting fresh & delicious coffee in Oakland California. Jen Apodaca and Anissa Cisneros


- To create a thriving coffee roasting company with a supply chain that does not profit off the labor of others.

- To pull the stick out of the ass of third wave coffee and make fun just as important as being delicious.

The name Mother Tongue implies trust and really trust is the foundation of any relationship.

MOTHER: While not all mothers are great, a mother should be a steward or a guardian figure. 

TONGUE: what we use to taste!

We hope that when you hear the name Mother Tongue Coffee, you can trust that the coffee you drink was ethically sourced and tastes great.


Jen Apodaca likes to think of herself as a roaster's roaster. She started roasting in 2005 for McMenamins Inc. in Portland, Oregon in a tiny isolated shop. Learning by trial and error and chatting up the occasional brave coffee professional willing to break the code of silence.

Moving back to California, Jen roasted for Intelligentsia and later with Blue Bottle as the West Coast Production Manager. At both locations she had the benefit of working on large experienced roasting teams and the luxury of several amazing teammates to turn to when facing obstacles. Most recently she helped launch The Crown with Royal Coffee as their Director of Roasting. It was these team experiences that inspired her to help others get better at the craft and help people make connections in the industry.

Jen ran Pulley Collective in West Oakland which is a shared roasting space, She chaired the Coffee Roasters Guild with the Specialty Coffee Association and she is the Founder of #shestheroaster - which promotes and encourages self-identifying women in the coffee industry to become professional coffee roasters. She is a certified Q Grader and the 2019 US Cup Tasters Champion.

When not roasting, you can catch Jen at an Oakland Athletics game where she plans on spending her retirement and one day meet Rickey Henderson.

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